Enabling Process on Jiofi Mac filtering in jiofi.local.html

Enabling Procedure on Jiofi Mac filtering or Jiofi Mac Address Filter Enable Process in jiofi.local.html website….
Jiofi is a convenient personal hotspot that allows users the chance of relying on 4G internet speeds. This hotspot is efficient and reliable since you can move around with it due to its lightweight and small size. All one needs is an internet coverage that will allow connection of the device. However, users need to configure their Jiofi Wi-Fi if it is to function without any problem.

The good news is that the device comes with a user manual hence making it easy for users to make the necessary configuration changes. In this post, we are going to discuss the process of enabling Jiofi Mac Filtering option by logging into http://jiofi.local.html Website.

Jiofi MAC Filtering Enabling Process in jiofi.local.html

All you have to do is follow the simple step by step explanation given below.

  • Switch on the Jiofi device by long pressing the power button until you see a green light. You will then have to connect the Jiofi Wi-Fi to a device that can access the internet i.e. personal computer, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Open the search bar of your installed browser be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or internet explorer and enter http://jiofi.local.html. This is the official link for accessing Jiofi website.
  • Press the “Enter” button on your keyboard to initiate the search process. This action will redirect you to the homepage of Jiofi official website.
  • Next, log into your account by clicking the “login” button which is at the top right corner of Jiofi website homepage.
  • A login window will appear from where you should fill in your login credentials i.e. username and password. Users who have never logged in to the site should use “administrator” as both the password and username.
  • Click on “login” button after filling in the login credentials correctly.
  • Once in your account, you will have to click on the “Network” tab. You will then be able to see a drop down list containing different options to configure your jiofi device.
  • Click on “Mac Address Filter” option in order to set up jiofi Mac Filtering settings.
  • A new page will appear on the screen of your device from where you should select “Enable” option for your jiofi Mac address Filtering.
  • Once you select the separate ID, you can either decide to allow or deny access to your network. This step is important since it plays a key role when it comes to increasing Jiofi Wi-Fi internet speed.
  • Now click on “Submit” button to save changes that you have just made to your Jiofi Wi-Fi. You will now have successfully enabled Jiofi Mac Filtering y logging into http://jiofi.local.html website.

It is highly advisable that you log out of your Jiofi account after enabling Jiofi Mac Filtering. To do this successfully, you must click on the “Logout” button. This step is crucial since it helps in preventing unauthorized access to your Jiofi account. You will therefore never have to worry about any person who may want to use the account without your knowledge.

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