How to install Jiotv for pc

How to install Jiotv for pc – Reliance telecom company will never cease to amaze us. The company develops more products which suit each citizen in different ways. They are the only company with easy, flexible and affordable broadband plans. this gives Indian citizen the best idea of migrating to this big startup company.

Apps and other services are a bonus product for subscribers as its never a bother to install any app from the company. Using the Jio sim card one is guaranteed of strong and affordable internet. This prompts users to download all new products from the company.

From the Jio cinema, Jio4G voice to JioTV. Yes! This being a tip of the iceberg the company is becoming unstoppable with their productions. Who wouldn’t wish to watch TV anywhere, this can be done using your smartphone and now your PC. Note life is too busy to live in the house, people work extra hours thus having no time for TV. Reliance has eased the hassle as one can watch TV at the comfort of their car or office.

The process is quite different from the PC view as you have to install different app. This takes less time and requires internet connection which is easier as the Reliance Jio internet plans are affordable.

Methods of installation

  • Jio TV website for online TV
  • Bluestacks emulators
  •  MEmu player emulators 

JioTV website

Here you only need to have internet connection as the company has given user the official link for watching the TV live. Using the link: From here enter the Jio Id details and with this you can watch TV online.

Menu player emulator

  • On the PC go to the web browser and download the MEmu player emulator.
  • The process will take some time however after the process is done install it to your PC.
  • Select the Menu, followed by the create tab.
  • Go to the play store using your login account information download the JioTV.
  • After the successful installation now you can watch and enjoy the JIO TV app.

Bluestacks emulators 

  • Navigate to your web browser and type the word Bluestacks on the search bar.
  • The system will show the official page of the Bluestacks app, now open and download the Bluestacks installer.
  • The process might take time and when done you can check where to install the app.
  • Now open the Bluestacks app and the first page will give a lot of manual descriptions about the app. Keep scrolling and following the instructions until you’re done.
  • On the last interface you will directly get the google play store app. Select it and then enter the Gmail account details, new users are required to open the Gmail account if they don’t own one.
  • When the process is done and the confirmation done now enter the Jio TV on the play store bar.
  • The app will show click on it the download process will start. After this it will install the app, key in the Jio account details and with you’re done.

Enjoy the product from the PC view.

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