How to use Jiofi

In after the Jiofi’s Launch it is getting Trending Day by Day. As it is Portable, Easy to Carry and Provide a Very High Internet Browsing Speed. A lot of Persons are getting attracted to its features. But Most of the Persons are having a question that how to Use Jiofi?

So if your question is same to others. Then its a Good News for you as you are on the Right Page as here we are going to learn about How to Use Jiofi.

Now without wasting our time lets Make a Deep dive in Beginners Guide to Jiofi.

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How to Turn on Jiofi

How to Turn on Jiofi

Now to use your Jiofi the First and the Most Important step is to turn your Jiofi on. As without turning your Jiofi on you will not be able to get any access to your Jiofi Router. So below are the steps to turn it on.

  1. Insert Battery to your Jiofi.
  2. Press and Hold the Power button available on the Front Side of your Jiofi.
  3. A Light will Blink as a Signal that your Jiofi Router is Ready to Use.

Note: If Your Jiofi Router Does Not Turn On. Then There may be 2 main reasons: You had not Interested your Routers Battery Correctly and the Second Reason, Your Jiofi Router is not Charged.

How to Connect Jiofi 2 or Jiofi 3

Once You had Turned On Your Jiofi Router You can Connect it with Your Android Phone, IOS Phone and with your Laptop or PC.

How to Connect Jiofi

Connect With Android Phone

  • Turn on Your Jiofi Router.
  • On Your Android Phone.
  • Go to your Settings > Visit the Wifi Menu > Refresh Your Near By Wifi’s >Select Your Wifi > Enter Your Wifi Password and Press Connect.

Note: Your Wifi Name and Password is available under your Router’s Back Cover. So just Open Your Jiofi Back Cover and check your Portable Router’s Password.

Connect With Your IOS Phone

  • Turn On your Jiofi Router.
  • On Your IOS Device.
  • Go To Your Device Setting > Visit the Wifi Menu > Refresh Your Near By Wifi’s > Select Your Wifi > Enter Your Wifi Password and Press Connect.

Connect With Your Laptop or PC

  • Turn On Your Jiofi Router.
  • On Your Laptop or PC.
  • Go To Your Laptop or PC’s Setting > Visit the Network and Internet Menu > Select The Wifi Option > Click on “Show Available Network” > Select Your Wifi and Enter the Password > Press on the Connect Button.

How to Use Jiofi

Now Finally we Reached on own Main Topic that is How to Use Jiofi. So to use your Jiofi Router Just Read and Follow Below steps:

  • Insert Battery & Your Jio’s Activated SIM Card in your Jiofi Router.
  • Turn your Jiofi Power ON.
  • Now Go to your Device (Which You want to use with)
  • Search for Available Wifi Networks.
  • Select Your Wifi’s Name.
  • Enter Your Jiofi Password. You can find your Password on the Back Side by Removing Your Jiofi Router Back Cover.
  • Press on the Connect Button and You can use your Jiofi Fast Internet and Enjoy your Browsing.

Short Recap: How to Use Jiofi

How to use Jiofi

Turn on Your Jiofi > Go To your Device (On Which you wish to Connect) > Go To Settings > Visit the Wifi Menu > Turn on Wifi > Search For Available Wifi Network > Select Your Jiofi’s Routers Name > Enter Your Password > Press on Connect Button and this was all under How to Use Jiofi.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use jiofi as WiFi extender?

To Use Jiofi as a Wifi Extender just watch the above video mentioned in this article.

How to open jiofi back cover?

How to open jiofi back cover

How to open jiofi back cover – If you are wishing to open your jiofi back Cover then just follow these steps:
Pick up Your Jiofi > Flip it to Back Side > There on 1 Side you will find a little extra space > Grip it with Your Hands > Pick the Back Cover out.

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