Jiofi remaining data balance from any smart device

Jiofi remaining data balance – Data usage always comes with the fear of the consumed data. What balance remains and how much you need to purchase new data plans? However, balance checking is one process we never bother to understand. It only clicks when the need arises, this where we check for information from all router packages and sim card operators.

Nonetheless, each router has different ways of checking. The Jiofi personal hotspot device also has their special and simple way to go about it. Reliance Jio an established company in India has set different methods for data balance checking according to the plan. Topping up the device and also other request are well catered for.

The company has launched apps like MyJio app where users can check the data balance or the remaining talk time. This comes in handy for clients who aren’t left pending when the balance is depleted.

Users can have the privilege of checking the balance and other Reliance features from the Jio website page. Below we shall discuss few steps of achieving the data balance.

  • Visit the official website page:
  • The homepage will show and here you are required to login to the account.
  • Select the login tab proceed to enter the password and username.
  • The process applies for the registered members. New users need to register in order to access the website.
  • Select the sign up button, the system will how different instructions which one needs to follow in order to register.
  • Key in the sim card number then click on the generate OTP tab.
  • The system will generate the OTP sending it to the alternative number from the jiofi sim number.
  • Use the OTP to verify the process by entering the number in the space given on the page.
  • After this enter the registered email address and the password. Now key the sign up button, the process is successful and you can proceed to login.
  • From here you will receive a new page where the Jiofi details are displayed.
  • Check the data balance and other balances too.
  • With full satisfaction you can now log out from the account. Note this to keep the account secure from fraudsters.

The Jiofi website page contains all details comprise the Reliance Jio. Clients don’t have to call the company as the site is self-explanatory. Simple process is set to assist in various procedure which pertain the company.

Jiofi data balance using the Myjio app

  • The user needs to have strong connection to the Jiofi WI-FI using the Android device or the smart device.
  • Go to the play store and download the Jio4G voice app after this you need to install it.
  • Setup the app the register the Jiofi sim card. users who have the app installed using the Jio sim card have to delete all data installed in the app and register again using the Jiofi router’s sim number.
  • The system will send you an OTP on the alternative number.
  • Use the OTP to confirm the details. Note the verification might take time though it doesn’t happen to all users. This is caused if the application is don’t on off-peak hours.
  • After the process is done one can login and check the balance using the dial number 1299. An SMS will be sent confirming the balance remaining in your account.

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