Jiofi SSID / Jiofi Login password / admin password modify in jiofi.local.html

Changing Procedure on Jiofi SSID or Jiofi Broadcasting SSID and Jiofi Login password / administrator password modify at jiofi.local.html…..

Network name SSID are the basic names of given WI-FI connection. They are displayed freely after few minutes. SSID comes in handy for clients to identify the name of the router or the network they are connected to. Name coverage from the personal hotspot or router can also be the cause of hacking. For anyone can use the network due to the obvious names of the routers.

However, technology has introduced new ways of either hiding the SSID name or changing to disguise the real name. This prevents wrong usage and also hacking of the internet. The process is well defined and don’t require computer experts.

The process will require you to login operating through the system administrator. The process differs according to the router type and settings. In this case we deal with the Jiofi personal WI-FI hotspot. This a portable router which works for both indoor and outdoor activity. The router is well designed to offer high speeds network and has long lasting battery. The network coverage is perfect thus connecting to several devices.

Process to change Jiofi SSID by login jiofi.local.html

Hiding SSID name and changing works in same manner. Below we have few steps to follow using the official website http://jiofi.local.html one can follow the directives given.

  • Pick your Jiofi device and switch on the power button. Press for some time to enable device to switch completely.
  • Using a cable or the WI-FI connect the device at hand either PC or laptop.
  • Open the browser and key the link http://jiofi.local.html
  • Login to the homepage from her select details concerning the username and the password.
  • On the spaces enter the word administrator to login.
  • Now select the setting button followed by the WI-FI settings.
  • Here one is required to enter the preferred SSID and password which will act as the security.
  • After confirming the SSID and password you can now press the save button.
  • The system will automatically save the new changes.

How to disable Jiofi SSID broadcasting on WI-FI network

  • Using your PC or laptop open the web browser and key in the link: http://jiofi.local.html
  • On the homepage select the setting tab from the menu.
  • Here check for the administrator settings.
  • Enter the router’s password and username as administrator.
  • On the login page check for the disable tab on the settings.
  • This is indicated by Jiofi SSID broadcasting.
  • Save the changes made after confirmation.

The process differs with every router one needs to check on the settings before disabling or hiding the SSID name.

What are the advantages of using the Jiofi router?

  • Better network connections and high internet speeds.
  • The router has a well-set sleep mode for the particular duration.
  • Has simple settings as one can change features like Jiofi SSID name, password and username etc.
  • The router can be connected to several devices where one can watch videos and surf the internet without any buffering.
  • The battery life is long with proper care.
  • The router is sold at affordable prices especially when given on offers.
  • It’s from well-known company in the country.

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